John Cena's Reaction to Potential Heel Turn

Cena quickly replied

All right, listen, you want to turn me heel? If that's what Vince [McMahon] says you guys want me to do,

I'll do it. But just so you know, I will go full-bore heel. There won't be none of that like, 'Oh, he's a fun heel, he's a cool heel, he's winking at the audience heel.'

So he was fine with going heel, but he wasn’t going to be the kind of heel the audience can laugh along with or at.

For a star like John Cena, that probably would’ve been the safest way to play it,

Brian Gerwitz later added that while Vince McMahon expressed interest in the star turning heel on multiple occasions, the same concerns always popped up.

Cena has said many times that he’s not done with the WWE and would like to return in the future.