A vulnerability in Mac OS could be exploited via Zoom's auto update feature

The vulnerability notice has been issued for flaws in iOS and iPad OS, two of Apple's operating systems that allow remote attackers to run arbitrary code on victim systems

The vulnerability is caused by out-of-bounds writes in the software's kernel and WebKit components

It has been noticed that the vulnerability is exploited by remote attackers that lure victims into opening maliciously created files

Zoom, a video calling app, admitted in its security alert that attackers might compromise the security of the vulnerable systems

It can be compromised by exploiting the flaws in Apple's software and auto update mechanism to elevate their privileges to root files in Mac OS

According to information on the company's website, the flaw may let an application run arbitrary code with kernel privileges

It was discovered that WebKit's vulnerability might be exploited by processing web content that had been specially designed to execute arbitrary code

The vulnerabilities were discovered to affect versions 15.6.1 of iOS and iPad OS